Academy of beach volleyball

Academy of beach volleyball is for everyone willing to learn beach volleyball under management of professional coach. Classes available for different levels of skills and ages. For demonstration and improvement of skills there are tournaments organized for students of the academy on a regular basis.


Suitable for players with a minimum of knowledge and experience in volleyball. In classes players learn regulations of beach volleyball, right way to react to the ball, motion on field and appropriate skills of lifting, taking and attacking.

Beginners with a previous knowledge

Suitable for players with an experience of at least one year in beach volleyball, who are willing to learn technique elements of the game and improve themselves physically.


Group of up to 8 players, suitable for players with an experience of at least 2 years, who are willing to improve their skills and to integrate in the circulation of tournaments of Latvian beach volleyball.

Children (6 - 9 years)

Specially selected exercises will help children to learn beach volleyball in fun and healthy atmosphere. Special attention will be paid to overall fitness.

Children (10 - 13 years)

There will be basics of beach volleyball acquired in classes. Classes will help children to keep themselves mentally and physically fit.


For more information, please contact Andris Krūmiņš
☎ +371 29343007, 📩